After waste and contaminated soil was found in the northeastern portion of the site, this beautiful piece of property was almost written off, and destined to be nothing more than a landfill. Red Tail Ranch Developers decided this was simply unacceptable, and instead were determined to clean up the property and restore it back to its original, natural beauty - making it a safe and desirable place for Colorado families seeking to enjoy open space and a view of the mountains.


Redtail Ranch is committed to transparent, productive dialogue with the people of Erie and Weld County as we continue forward toward creating a valuable addition to the area’s community, economic and environmental well-being.

Already, some $5 million has been spent to investigate and clean-up the waste and contaminated soil found on the site under the supervision of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

A final, state-supervised solid waste containment, groundwater remediation and monitoring plan has been approved by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and is currently being implemented.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about our beautiful community. We are happy to help.